Toronto Airport Limo Booking

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Arriving at Toronto Pearson Airport, you can book your Toronto Airport Limo in advance. There are Taxis and Limos available at both the arrival terminals at Toronto Pearson Airport how ever you may consider booking your Airport Limo in advance.

Here are some facts about Booking Your Limo in advance and getting a Limo/Taxi at Toronto Airport upon Arrival

Prearranging your Airport Limo:

The Limo will be booked exclusively for you. No matter if your flight arrives early or delayed for any reason, your Airport Limo will be waiting for you when your flight arrives. All you need to do is follow the pickup procedure to get to your car. The procedure is very simple and you are in your limo just minutes after you arrive at Toronto Pearson Airport.

It is a flat rate limo service from Toronto Airport, You know in advance what you will end up paying at the end of the trip. There will be no surprises or shocks regarding the fares.

Well groomed at trained drivers are waiting for you and the know exactly what your plans are before you arrive.

All drivers work a 8 to 10 hour shift so you know that you are in safe hands and the driver will take you to your destination safely.

The drivers don’t have to drive fast to get back to the airport as they will not be heading to the taxi line up. These drivers are assigned pickups in advance and they have lots of time in between.


Getting or arranging a Taxi after you arrive:

There are long line ups for taxis and you will need to wait in line for over 45 minutes at times in Cold weather during winter time and out in the heat in summer time. The line up is formed in the open area and there is no air conditioning or heating at the curb side.

These taxis go by the meter and your fare will starts increasing if you are stuck on the highway due to traffic or weather conditions.

Most of the taxi and limo drivers work over 18 hours of shift at a stretch so you might end up in a taxi where the driver is already exhausted and fatigued hence compromising on his performance which could be dangerous.

If you are traveling short distance then you will find the driver speeding as he would like to come back to the airport in less than 30 minutes as he could be the first one in line for the next fare if he can make it back in that time.

You are traveling with a company you don’t even know. If you forget something in the taxi, it is almost impossible to get that back as you don’t even remember what car you were in.


Now its you to decide how to book your ground Transportation from Toronto Pearson Airport. More information on Airport Limo Service is available on Toronto Pearson Airport’s website. You can follow this link for additional